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The Welo Opal

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Opal is arguably the most beautiful of all gemstones. First discovered in the early 1990’s in Mezezo, Shewa province in Ethiopia. Opals color spectrum has brilliance rivals the diamond. Rhyolite, marl, limonite, sandstone and basalt is where Opals can be … Continued

9/11 – Never Forget

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It still seems like yesterday. The images still horrify us. The Dig For Gems team wants to recognize this tragic day in history and honor those who died, sacrificed themselves and the families they left behind on September 11, 2001. … Continued

September’s Mineral of the month is Kunzite!

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First discovered in Connecticut, Kunzite is composed of lithium, aluminum, and silicate. Named after George Frederick Kunz an American mineralogist who lived from 1856 – 1932. Kunz was a legendary New York colored stone specialist and jeweler. The first substantial … Continued

154.5 gram Kunzite!

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Discovered in the most recent big pocket found in the Big Kahuna II Zone this astounding 154.5 gram Kunzite is for sale! This wonderful deep-purple kunzite is available for only $2,320.oo!! The same zone at the OceanView Mine contained deep … Continued

The Cursed Black Orlov Diamond

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This Labor Day we wanted to showcase this creepy cursed black diamond. A lot like most precious objects from history there is usually a great story. The Black Orlov Diamond originally rough 195 carat is spectacularly gorgeous but not to … Continued

A Miners Split

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From the world famous OceanView Mine.  Blue Caps, Tourmaline of all colors , a few aquas, big chunks of super pink morganite, and nice sized quartz crystals round out the haul.  If you know one of the miners and buy … Continued

Gems for the Fall Solstice

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The four seasons are predicted by shifting sunlight. The shifting sunlight is determined by the tilt of the earth’s axis and how our planet orbits the Sun. Fall Solstice. During the of pregnancy of Autumn, it is the time of Harvest. … Continued