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How To Choose a Faceted Gemstone

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The art of faceting is the art of cutting facets, or flat faces, on geometric shapes of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Faceting greatly improves the appearance of gemstones. The facilitating enhances the gem’s natural ability to reflect light. As you … Continued

Etched Morganite Crystal

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Featured by San Diego Mining Company- Take a gander at this 6.8 gram, very attractive etched morganite crystal, found in Tourmaline King Mine, Pala, San Diego County. Look closely to see a small, near colorless tourmaline needle that is shooting … Continued

Find Your Anniversary Stone!

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Gemstones are traditionally given as presents for anniversaries. This chart will help you figure out what gemstones goes with which anniversary! These are both modern and traditional modern anniversary gemstones. Official Anniversary Gemstone Chart 1st – Peridot 2nd – Red … Continued

Double Terminated Tourmaline Crystal

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Look what we just found! Check out this 138mm long multicolor–double terminated tourmaline crystal. Found in the Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande in our very own San Diego County! This crystal has a unique natural bend and strong chatoyancy located at … Continued

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62 Gram Paprok Tourmaline       Email for more pics.