Amethyst Geode Giveaway: The Winner!

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Congratulations Dennis S., who was the lucky winner of our very first Brazilian Geode giveaway.

Dennis will enjoy this HUGE Amethyst Geode that is approximately two feet tall and weighs over 40lbs!

Some fun facts about Amethyst:

  • It is found in various forms; the most common and famous is the geode.
  • Amethyst can also be found in clusters and cathedrals.
  • It is a very powerful, protective stone.
  • It’s famous for having potent metaphysical properties for spiritual healing, known since ancient Greeks.

They are positive energy stones that work on spirituality, your physical being and overall emotional issues. Imagine this unique piece in your living room or bedroom. The healing effects and decorative beauty go hand in hand in this specimen.

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