Beautiful But Deadly Crystals

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There’s an immense variety of crystals, minerals and rocks on earth. Interesting and intricate geological processes have been developing on Earth for over four billion years. There are now over 4,000 officially recognized minerals some of which have been found to have fatal affects on organic life, despite how  gorgeous they look. Here is one of them!




Stibnite was used as an cheap alternative to silver for making eating utensils back in the day. Little did they know it was poisoning in humans. This was unknown and caused the death of many before production was halted. Even as mineral collection addition, caution should be taken to avoid any risk of poisoning.
When making your mineral collection, do your research and know what you’re dealing with before handling any unknown minerals, specifically before ordering any specimen from the  internet. A harmless hobby could be deadly.

  1. Susan VanDerGinst

    Any idea what it does to the human body?
    Morib curiosity. Lol