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Treasure awaits on the 11/29 Pala Chief Dig . Don’t miss it!

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Crystals and gems are found everywhere and anywhere on our vast mine. Be the first to discover them! Be sure to sign up for the 11/29 Pala Chief Dig Tourmaline There are a wide variety of different types of … Continued

Dig up your very own Morganite!

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Emerald and aquamarine are the other two gemstones thought comparable to morganite. Its definitely the least known gemstone from the colorful and stunning group of the beryls. Prized possessions of jewel collectors due to its scarcity, Morganite is a gem … Continued

Etched Morganite Crystal

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Featured by San Diego Mining Company- Take a gander at this 6.8 gram, very attractive etched morganite crystal, found in Tourmaline King Mine, Pala, San Diego County. Look closely to see a small, near colorless tourmaline needle that is shooting … Continued