Those Astonishing Agate!

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One of the first mentions of Agates existence was in 300 B.C.The “Agate” name comes from the Achates River in Sicily, where they were first discovered.

Historically agate was used as healing charms or ornamentation all the way back to early Babylon. Ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations used it for medicinal purposes.

Agate is a type of quartz that isn’t a traditional birthstone.  Morocco, Brazil, India and the US are the best places to get agates on the market.

Most often found in banded in stripes or layers some varieties have “eye” markings. These are small specks of color some having fossilized inclusions while others are solid. Nicknamed the earth rainbow the colors of the bands or stripes of Agate are endless.

Metaphysically, Agate is known as a stabilizing and strengthening stone. Agate is also used for balancing yin and yang.

Inner stability maturity, composure, protection, and warmth are other metaphysical properties tied to Agate. The calming this stone brings helps with inner strength and self-confidence.

Agate is definitely one to have in your collection!

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