These stunning Pala Chief Pendants are the perfect gift for her…

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These “made in the USA” sterling silver Chief Mountain pendants are a unique and thoughtful gift for any lady in your life. Uniquely set with a beautiful pink Tourmaline stone, these are truly one of a kind! Make a reservation to come dig with us and visit our stores to see the stunning jewellery that has been created using the gems taken from the Chief Mountain mines.

The vertical pendant measures 1 ¼” x  ⅝”.  Available now for just $59.00.



The horizontal pendant measures ⅞” x ⅞”.  Available now for just $59.00.

Chief Mountain (aka The Magic Mountain) is home to the Pala Chief Mine,

the OceanView Mine and the Elizabeth R mine.

Purchase one now then come join us on on a dig!  



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