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Tourmaline, a semi-precious stone is one of the most fascinating of the gemstones. It’s variety of colors depend on the amount of different compounds they hold.

The black to bluish-black and deep brown tourmalines are Iron-rich. In comparison, lithium-rich tourmalines are usually any hue of red, purple, pink, blue or green.

Tourmalines are rarely colorless. Multicolored and bicolored specimens are common. They reflect variations of fluid chemistry during the crystallization process. Brightly colored Sri Lankan gem tourmalines are brightly colored and were brought to Europe in large quantities due to its demand. Here in America some of the finest tourmalines come from the famous Pala Mining district.  

To this day, these beauties are in high demand around the world.  You can find these collectible gems on your own at the OceanView Mine! >LINK< Pala’s last active Gem mine!

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