The Golden Beryl

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This gorgeous crystal of golden light is a favorite here at Dig For Gems. Also known as Heliodor, which is Greek for sun “Helios” and gift “door”. The main sources of this gemstone are Madagascar, Namibia, Brazil, Russia, and the Ukraine. Terminated crystals are very rare.

Beryl is best known for its famous varieties like Emerald and Aquamarine. These staggering crystals are distinguished by their color. Often tinted by impurities the possible colors are green, blue, white, yellow and red. A flawless 2,054 karat stone is one of the most famous and largest cut Golden Beryl. It is currently on display in the Hall of Gems, Washington, D.C.  

Heliodor has a greenish-yellow color while Golden Beryl is a purer yellow to orange-yellow tinge. Heliodor is also brown and orange. Golden Beryl are usually natural colored and not enhanced or treated in any way. Pure beryl is colorless. Golden Beryl has few flaws.

Heliodor is said to help with a centered and more vibrant physical well-being. It illuminates higher thought and is known as a hope stone. This healing crystal is best for anyone who struggles with balancing care-giving and career.

Golden Beryl is known to keep you safe from psychological and emotional manipulation by others, haunted ghosts, and other dark energies. suitable for all kinds of jewelry, Golden beryl has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, so it is suitable for all kinds of jewelry.

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