Terrific Triphane

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Originally only used as a synonym of Spodumene, the name triphane was used in the 19th-20th centuries. First found in Connecticut, the name triphane has been used especially in the USA later in the 20th century.  Derived from a Greek term meaning ‘three aspects’, triphane is known for it’s distinctive trichroism.The first commercially significant deposit was unearthed in 1902 in the Pala, California.

Triphane is of the pale yellow gem variety and is best known as the yellow version of Kunzite.It’s usually found in association with Golden beryl which is the other popular yellow gemstone. Triphane shows off its best color in larger sizes. Stones at least ten carats or more will stun with their best color. These days most triphane is mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Like a diamond, triphane is relatively hard but it should be handled with care. It’s distinct cleavage can cause it to break in two if dealt a sharp blow. Prolonged exposure to strong light will gradually fade its brilliant color. It should also be protected from the heat. Stones may contain etch and growth tubes, liquid and multiphase inclusions or healing cracks.                            

Triphane is a quite a popular gem and one you should have for your collection!

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