Try your luck!

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A young digger found this amazingly large Quartz in his first bucket just this summer!

It’s time to get down to the mine and see how your luck goes. It’s always a beautiful day to dig at the Oceanview mine.

Watch your beautiful gem collection grow and get better as the day goes on!

Reserve your spot now to join us!  please visit our OceanView Mine page to book.

We’ve taken care of everything you need. We provide you with screens, water, buckets and hand shovels–and most importantly, a big pile of gem-rich dirt and gravel taken from our mines!

You can find Morganite, Aquamarine, Kunzite, Quartz, Spodumene and Tourmaline on our vast property.

What you should bring: Your favorite dig for gems t-shirt. Sun hat or rain gear, muddy shoes, maybe some rubber gloves, toothbrush, a baggie for your crystals and a small bucket, or bin, for specimens. Tissue paper for wrapping your finds.

See you there!


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