The Latest from The Oceanview Mine!

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We had a spectacular day at the Pala Chief Dig which made for the perfect Thanksgiving weekend!

Here are some photos from the The Oceanview Mine Dig.

Thanks again for the great pics Steve Habecker for these fun shots!

Crystals and gems are found everywhere and anywhere on our vast mine. Be the first to discover them!

We also wanted to share this letter that was posted in the Yucaipa Valley Gem & Mineral Society‘s November newsletter–The Green Valley Rocker!

Thank you Mike Parker (club president) for visiting us! See you again soon!

President’s letter: The Green Valley Rocker November 2015 Vol. 55, No. 11 Page 3

“Recently Deb Jasper Cordry invited me to stop at the Ocean View Mine where
she spends her time greeting the crazies that LOVE minerals.
Deb takes them on a tour of the mine site with her 4 x 4 all-terrain vehicle
and afterwards helps them with finding the treasures that abound on that mountain.

While I was there Deb introduced me to Jeff Swanger, the owner, and I was
invited to go into the mine which I did later and I was there when they
light the fuse for a blast. That was fun. Much more exciting and louder
than firecrackers or cherry bombs. I was truly amazed at all the crystal formations,
different minerals and just plain odd rocks in the mine.

I have been in a working gold mine once before that had lots of gold on the walls
and this reminded me of it except I wasn’t searched when I left the
mine at Ocean View. I could have spent all day there.

Deb gave me a bucket of material to sift through which I did, got some crystals
that I gave a child, meant several workers that were very helpful to me,
just great people to be around.It is truly a fantastic place to visit.”

Reserve your spot now to join us!

We provide you with screens, water, buckets and hand shovels–and most importantly, a big pile of gem-rich dirt and gravel taken from our mines!

What you should bring: Your favorite DigForGems t-shirt. Sun hat or rain gear, muddy shoes, some rubber gloves, toothbrush, a baggie for your crystals. Tissue paper for wrapping your finds.

See you out there!!

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