Nigerian Tourmaline – [SOLD]

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A new kind of tourmaline was found 25 miles from the city of Ibadan, Nigeria in the summer of 1998. It’s called Nigerian Tourmaline. This is known as one of the greatest discoveries of tourmaline in decades. Most of the tourmaline crystals show off a frosted skin. This is due to  weathering and natural abrasion. Other specimens, however, have very sharp terminations which indicates they haven’t traveled too far from their original source.

The crystals at this new deposit were found under about six feet of soil. The deposit stretches 1000 meters. A flood of miners rapidly moved into the area and removed. Over 1,000 kilograms of this fine tourmaline was moved when miners flocked the area.

The weathered tourmaline crystals boast great clarity. They range in color from pale pink hue, to raspberry- pink, to orangish pink and even to a deep burgundy red. Some nigerian tourmaline have very distinct color zoning.

Due to it’s fashionably stunning colors, remarkable clarity and size have made this tourmaline a huge hit with gemstone dealers and collectors worldwide. Since there is a large supply of material the average price for a faceted stone at the 1998 Tucson Gem and Mineral shows were only $60 to $100 per carat.

A kind of rough Nigerian Tourmaline called the watermelon tourmaline can help one to attract love, remove feelings of guilt and help create balance between the male and female energies within.

This color zoned specimen uses the pink part to soothe and harmonize and the green part to nourish your life force.

This of kind amazing tourmaline was just mined by my friend in Nigeria near Komo. It boasts fantastic color bands and stunning hues. This awesome gem is 40 grams. It can be yours now for just $1000. Get it before it’s gone.


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