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Garnets are costly and exquisite gems. Their beauty makes them extremely sought-after by gem lovers. Their beautiful colors are always natural and unenhanced. The great many color variations of garnet, cause it to be confused with other stones.

Historically red is the most abundant color of garnet but it also comes in a rainbow of hues except blue. Red garnet necklaces were worn by Egypt’s Pharaohs thousands of years ago. In the Middle Ages, red garnet was favored by nobility and clergy. Stunning finds in Africa, especially, have enhanced the popularity of the garnet.  

A series of several different minerals combined with unique chemical formulas is what makes up a garnet. Color changing garnet is usually used in rings. Garnet also has pieces that change color in daylight or artificial light. A green garnet, tsavorite, is rarer and needs unique rock chemistries and conditions to form. Other forms of garnets such as spessartite, which we have blogged about before, is a gorgeous specimen.

Garnet’s powers include strength, protection and healing. With so many colors to select from yellow to black, it’s hard to choose a favorite garnet.

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