FOR SALE – Cleavelandite & Tourmaline Specimen

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This stunning blue-green Tourmaline crystal from our favorite mine, The OceanView Mine in Pala, CA. Measuring approximately 29m x 17mm. (with Clevelandite measures 39mm x 28mm). This is one any gem collector would love!

A gemstone the US is famous for, there are at least 100 hues of tourmaline. It’s known for its bi-colored and tri-colored gems. Cleavelandite is a tabular, plated variety of Albite. The healing power of Cleavelandite is said to help uncover our gifts for growth in life’s journey.

California was a substantial producer of tourmaline in the early 1900s. Today most of our tourmaline comes from Mozambique, Nigeria, Namibia and Tanzania.

Be sure to pick this one up for your home collection before it is gone!

Available now for $600. Click below to buy:

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