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Find Your Anniversary Stone!

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Gemstones are traditionally given as presents for anniversaries. This chart will help you figure out what gemstones goes with which anniversary! These are both modern and traditional modern anniversary gemstones. Official Anniversary Gemstone Chart 1st – Peridot 2nd – Red … Continued

Double Terminated Tourmaline Crystal

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Look what we just found! Check out this 138mm long multicolor–double terminated tourmaline crystal. Found in the Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande in our very own San Diego County! This crystal has a unique natural bend and strong chatoyancy located at … Continued

The Most Famous Diamonds of All Time

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Top ten most famous Diamonds throughout history include: 1.The Great Star of Africa 2.The Orloff 3.The Centenary Diamond 4.The Regent 5.Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light) 6.The Idol’s Eye 7.The Taylor-Burton 8.The Sancy 9.The Blue Hope 10.Hortensia

Top Ten Treasure Movies

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Hollywood has always been a driving force of inspiration for new aspiring prospectors. Scenes of treasure and gems and the adventures of discovery have been imprinted in our minds. Every few years a truly great movie helps continue that tradition. … Continued