Amazing Alexandrite

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Alexandrite is a young gemstone with a noble history. Discovered in Russia and named after Tsar Alexander II (1818-1881), it was the very first crystal from the emerald mines in the Urals. Boasting both red and green hues that are the principal colors of old Imperial Russia, this gem was branded as the national stone of tsarist Russia. In 1987, Alexandrites were discovered in Brazil and then later in India, Sri Lanka, southern Tanzania, Burma, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe.

Alexandrite is pretty scarce due to its chemical composition. It was created millions of years ago in a metamorphic environment. Also known as Diaphanite is known to turn red in any artificial light. But unlike many others, its formation required specific geological conditions. The most awesome feature of this gemstone is its surprising ability to change its color. In the daylight, it appears green or bluish-green. In the incandescent light, it turns a soft shade of red to purplish-red or raspberry-red. This unique optical illusion makes it arguably one of the most valuable fine gemstones.

Alexandrite is very beautiful but also rarely found due to its chemical composition. Different from most gems its formation required certain geological conditions. Only emerging millions of years ago from a metamorphic environment, it usually must be lab created.

As far as mystical and healing properties the Alexandrite is said to intensify dreams, enhance manifestation and bring luck in love.

Healing properties include regenerative powers, courage, and facing challenges with no fear. Alexandrite helps to reinforce self-esteem and enhance the ability to experience beauty and joy. With Alexandrite guides you into and appreciating the interconnectedness of Mother nature.

Physically, it is used to reduce inflammation, work with the pulmonary and circulatory systems and ease tension/stress. Inner-ear problems and motion-sickness can be also helped with this stone.

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