All the ways to use your crystals!

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Crystals are not only fun to find, but they can also be used in so many ways metaphysically for healing and crystal magic! Many people have specific favorite methods for any particular stone. Other stones are used in specific ways. Most stones energy should be cleared before working with them energetically and metaphysically.

Here are some different methods of using crystals energy metaphysically:

Jewelry – Whether worn or carried, many believe that crystal or stone jewelry must be inside your aura. Others, however, believe it should be touching your skin.

Meditation – Crystals are often used to help strengthen meditation.

Chakras Therapy – Many believe that laying crystals on a chakra will positively affect issues related to that chakra.

Color Therapy – Color therapy incorporates crystals.

Crystal Magic – Various kinds of magic and spellwork, such as protection or love, use crystals.

Environment – Placing crystals and stones around your house, office or any other place you want to improve the atmosphere. These will help bring certain energies.

Crystal Healing – Crystals are often used in conjunction with Reiki.

Psychic and Intuitive – scrying, clairaudience, astral travel are incorporated crystals.

We hope you find this guide helpful. Gem finding and mining is just the beginning of all the amazing things that gems will bring into your life.

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