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Now is the perfect time to visit us at the Oceanview Mine!

Our historical mine allows you a unique view of one the only actively working underground mine in California.

We are located in the famous Pala Gem mining district. We are still amazed at the different types of tourmalines, kunzites and morganites we keep discovering!

After a brief training session, you have four hours to work the pile looking for your favorite crystals.

The Oceanview Mine gives you access to the material from deep within the earth. We transport the muck directly to “The Arena”. This pile of material you can dig through to find your own precious gems!  Take home one 5-gallon bucket of rocks that you have screened and washed to explore at home. Our standard dig fee allows you to keep all you find!

Guests love the jeep tours of Chief Mountain.  You can’t get enough of our spectacular views that include the famous Pala Chief Mine and the Tourmaline Queen among other historic mines.

We’ve taken care of everything you need. We provide you with screens, water, buckets and hand shovels–and most importantly, a big pile of gem-rich dirt and gravel taken from our mines!

What you should bring: Sun hat or rain gear, muddy shoes, maybe some rubber gloves, toothbrush, a baggie for your crystals and a small bucket, or bin, for specimens. Tissue paper for wrapping your finds. Your favorite dig for gems t shirt.

Reservations are required; please visit our OceanView Mine page to book.


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