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We had to share some of the awesome Oceanview Mine testimonials. Don’t miss out on the chance to find your treasure. Start a great family tradition at the Oceanview Mine.




“The experience was wonderful, and we found some great stones. Be prepared to do your fair share of hauling, lifting and bending (as most rockhounds are familiar with), but the payoff can be amazing. I would have loved to have stayed the whole time, but my back gave out. I will certainly be coming back at some point in the future, found my first Aqua today. Go give it a try!”

Eric Bailey


“I had a blast! First day I just did the Oceanview Mine and found some nice pieces. Then on day 2 I did the Pala Chief dig/tour. The people were amazing and it was a great experience. I highly recommend this place!!!”
Lori Wramp

“It was such a fun experience visiting Oceanview Mine! We had gone tourmaline mining in a different place the day before we visited Oceanview, and it was fun, but Oceanview Mine was much better! I like that they take the time to explain what stones/gems can be found in the mine and they teach you how to do it. Also, the tour on the off road vehicle was so much fun! The best part was that I found a HUGE aquamarine!! I can’t wait to go back!”

Vanessa De La Valle

“LOVED the whole experience. I was so impressed with Jessica and the whole staff who were great with kids and answered all of their questions. As the child of two geologists I am accustomed to digs in which the “finds” are geologically interesting but boring to the non-expert, so I went in with relatively low expectations. However my expectations were far exceeded, and I was so excited to find really nice tourmalines and a kunzite. I was also impressed that the crew took time to give us a tour of the mine. We will definitely return the next time we are in CA!
I would recommend this to anyone with school-age kids. Everything is already dirty (yay!), they can go at their own pace, and there is tons of cool stuff for them to explore. The kids next to us found terrific aquamarines.”

Eve Donnolly

“My daughter and I had an Incredible time here! Jessica and her Staff are Fantastic hosts! It’s one thing to read about Gems and Minerals and it’s another be hands-on digging and screening and holding them in your hand! You really get to examine and see their colors and shapes. My daughter walked away with several Beautiful Tourmalines and Micas and, Thanks to Jessica, an Awesome Quartz with an almost Perfect Termination! It’s when one end tapers to a point kind of like the lead of a pencil. Loved the Informative tour in the Jeep around the mine! We both can’t wait for our next visit to Oceanview! Thanks so much to Jessica and her staff for an Unforgettable Experience!!”

Shaad Madison

“As a miner myself, I understand what all the folks at this mine must do to allow common folks access to the digs and possibly finding some nice gems. Jeff was a bit overwhelming to start but throughout the day he certainly mellowed out and was a pleasure to be with as was Steve and Jeff’s beautiful sister Laura. I had a great time and was worn out by the end of the dig…..I did find a nice Triphane crystal along with some small Tourmalines……Thank You”

Steve Wandt

“My dad & I went to Oceanview Mine today (10/23/2012). We had the best time. This is something my dad has wanted to do for YEARS. He loves anything that has to do with rocks, gems, trilobites, etc… Jessica was just amazing. She was so informative & personable. My dad is handicap & Jessica would help get him buckets since there were only 12 of us today. She is a Gem herself!! It was greatly appreciated. We had so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures of us hunting for the gems. We will be back, especially now that I know what to look for. Such a fun experience for friends & family. We are so fortunate to have something like this here in San Diego County. If this Is something you have been thinking about doing … what are you waiting for? Sign up & happy hunting!!”

Renee Liable

We wanted to thank all of you who told us about your gem hunting adventures..

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