Our Favorites from the Oceanview Mine!

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Looking for unique & interesting minerals, crystals and gems is a rewarding hobby, even if you don’t hit the “jackpot.” There are so many different ways to experience gem hunting, from fee digs to staking your mining claim. Here are some of our favorite finds  & testimonials from fellow miners that visited the Oceanview Mine.

Make new memories and collect gorgeous gems, minerals & crystals with us. We would love to see what wonderful treasure you have found, be sure to tell us about your experience and share your cool pics on our facebook page!

The gems never end at the Oceanview Mine!



“My daughter and I had an Incredible time here! Jessica and her Staff are Fantastic hosts! It’s one thing to read about Gems and Minerals and it’s another be hands-on digging and screening and holding them in your hand! You really get to examine and see their colors and shapes. My daughter walked away with several Beautiful Tourmalines and Micas and, Thanks to Jessica, an Awesome Quartz with an almost Perfect Termination! It’s when one end tapers to a point kind of like the lead of a pencil. Loved the Informative tour in the Jeep around the mine! We both can’t wait for our next visit to Oceanview! Thanks so much to Jessica and her staff for an Unforgettable Experience!!”

Shaad Madison

“As a miner myself, I understand what all the folks at this mine must do to allow common folks access to the digs and possibly finding some nice gems. Jeff was a bit overwhelming to start but throughout the day he certainly mellowed out and was a pleasure to be with as was Steve and Jeff’s beautiful sister Laura. I had a great time and was worn out by the end of the dig…..I did find a nice Triphane crystal along with some small Tourmalines……Thank You”

Steve Wandt

Remember: We provide you with buckets, screens, water & hand shovels PLUS a big pile of gem-rich dirt & gravel taken from our very own mines!

What you should bring: Your favorite DigForGems t-shirt, Sun hat or rain gear, old shoes, some rubber gloves, toothbrush, tissue paper and a baggie for your crystals.