February Gem of the Month: Ruby

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Nothing says love like a lovely red ruby.

To the ancients, Ruby was known as the “king of gems” to the ancients.  Associated with the sun and in turn with power, vitality and strength. Rubies were used for coronation rings in Britain. Talismans carved of ruby were believed to protect the wearer from plague, during the Middle Ages. Rubies were popular as tokens of love,  in the Victorian era,

Rubies are the most expensive and rarest of the four “precious” stones (ruby, emerald, diamond, sapphire).  Ruby is the red form of corundum  or aluminum oxide. All other colors are considered sapphires.  Highly saturated color is considered the most important factor when determining the value of a ruby.  Clarity is the secondary factor, considered to be less important.  All natural rubies have interior rutile needles or “silk”.  If arranged in 3 or 6 point patterns, this silk creates an astrism also known as gorgeous “star rubies”.
Used by healers in a variety of ways throughout the years ruby is considered the most metaphysically powerful gemstone in all the Universe.  Believed to enhance physical energy and vitality it is perfect for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.  It is the perfect gem for those who seek to affirm or find love.   Ruby’s magic is said to bring about contentment, self-love and peace in the wearer.  It helps ward off bad dreams, sadness and gloom.