Dig with the best of em!

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Its time to make your reservation! Special guests Yolanda Busse & Prospector Brian Busse will be digging with us beginning Thursday!

People all over the nation know the Busse family from The Weather Channel’s TV show “Prospectors.” The show follows their family  as they look for precious metals, crystals & gems. They are incredibly kind people and we are honored to have them back at the mine with us! From the Colorado Rocky Mountains, many of the Busse family’s discoveries are in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Busse said about 18 years ago the family quietly slipped into the mountains, he said. “When someone gets the (rock hunting) fever, it goes from a hobby to a full-time job,” Brian said.

Brian and Yolanda, together with five of their six sons, spend their summers camped out on Mt. Antero mining one of the steepest and most dangerous claims on the mountain. The Busse family which includes: Brian Sr., Yolanda, Brian Jr., Chris, David, Elijah and Nathan consider themselves blessed to be able to live and work in nature despite its hardships.

They pride themselves on knowing how to live off the land and use only what they need. “There is nothing like going up there and finding (your) own stone and turning it into jewelry,” Yolanda

Come meet them and dig with them! Space is limited so book now.