October Gem of the month-Rhodolite

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Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still digging for gems over here! This month’s gem of the month is Rhodolite. Most deposits of rhodolite garnet have been found in Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, Brazil, Greenland, Kenya, Sri Lanka, … Continued

For Sale: Gemstone Lager T-Shirt

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Life is too short not to get dirty and get your drink on in our new Gemstone Lager Tshirt! Cheers to our powerful new line of men’s shirts. They are the best way to mix the two hobbies you love. … Continued

Is a broken crystal bad luck?

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Crystals are beautiful, mystifying and can be very fragile. If you somehow break one of your precious specimens what is the best thing to do? Can a broken crystal bring you bad luck? Can you repair it? If all else … Continued