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ORE Bulk Bag of Mine Run [SC Red Beryl Mine] (Red Beryl, Bixbyite, Topaz, Pseudobrookite, etc)



Bag of Bulk Mine Run (From the Searle Canyon Red Beryl and Topaz Mine) that you sift through. Guaranteed minerals in the bag. Minerals that could be found: Red Beryl, Bixbyite, Topaz, Pseudobrookite, Hematite, Fluorite, Chalcedony and more.. Price includes shipping.

Choose your number of lbs. The more lbs the more minerals to find.

Use your own screen(s) to sort out the gems from the bulk rock and sand. Material is directly from our mine run stockpile.

See the photos of typical finds from a randomly chosen ore bag that was screened out and photographed.