Featured Dig Sites

The OceanView Mine


Visit the Oceanview Mine for a chance to find your own gems: tourmalines, kunzites, morganites and more! Your visit allows you a unique view of the only actively working underground mine in the world famous Pala Gem mining district.

Pala Chief Mine


Welcome to the Pala Chief Mine! Located in beautiful Pala, California the Pala Chief is one of the oldest gem mines in San Diego County, and is one of the only historic mines still being actively worked in the hunt for American gemstones.

Miner’s Inn


We have now added an on-site cabin for weekend stays—The Miner’s Inn. Perched on the top of Chief Mountain, the Inn features spectacular views of the Pala Valley and nearby Tourmaline Queen Mountain.

The OceanView VIP Tour


VIP access to Chief Mountain to shadow Jeff Swanger and staff learn how to mine like the pro’s. This five-day tour includes an itinerary packed with digs and VIP access to current pockets in production.

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